Debaters line-up and topics announced!

Saturday Debaters:

  • Kids and Clothes – should kids wear what they want?
    Wes Borg says, "Let kids be T-shirt disturbers." Derek Seguin wants to give Wes a dressing down.
  • Air Travel – has it improved our lives?
    Danish Anwar doubts it. Rebecca Kohler thinks flying is grand and that's the plane truth!
  • First Impressions – do they matter?
    Tanyalee Davis says, "Look again!" Darryl Orr believes in no second chances when it comes to first impressions.
  • Pigeon or Crow – which is the worse urban pest?
    Ivan Decker decries the crow. Pete Johansson picks on pigeons.
  • Moving – should friends help friends move?
    D.J. Demers says, "That's what friends are for." Tim Nutt tells him,"U-Haul it yourself."
  • Ads on CBC Radio One – should we have them?
    Al Rae says, "Anything to pay the bills." Charlie Demers sees a slippery slope.

Sunday Debaters:

  • Golf – is watching it a waste of time?
    "Of course it is," says Erica Sigurdson. "That's not a fairway to think," says John Wing.
  • Genetically Engineered Animals – are they a good idea?
    Big Daddy Tazz wants better beasts! Shazia Mirza thinks playing God is God-awful.
  • Bingo – is it a worthwhile past time?
    Paul Rabliauskas is bully for bingo. Bruce Clark thinks bingo is a blight.
  • Dressing the Same – should couples don similar duds?
    Chantel Marostica & Amber Daniels show Darcy Michaels why they never attire of dressing similar.
  • Movie Sequels – are there too many?
    David Pryde says sequels are superior. Dean Jenkinson says sequels suck.
  • Fork or Spoon – which is the superior utensil?
    Ryan Belleville is for forks. Derek Edwards swoons for the spoon.

Please note our new venue, The Club Regent Event Centre, 1425 Regent Avenue West, located behind the casino and Canad Inns. IT IS NOT AGE RESTRICTED.

Our 2015 Festival Line-up includes:

Shaun Majumder

Shaun, Majumder

A Gemini award-winning actor/comedian, Shaun most recently played Andrew Palmer on the NBC/Global Television series The Firm, starring Josh Lucas and Juliette Lewis, and in 2010 starred as Det. Vik Mahajan in the critically acclaimed drama series Detroit 1-8-7 on ABC.

In addition to being a regular cast member on This Hour Has 22 Minutes on the CBC, Shaun starred in Hatching, Matching and Dispatching and Republic of Doyle, Robson Arms on CTV, and Da Kink in My Hair on Global

Finding success on both sides of the border, Majumder has starred in the Farrelly Brothers comedy Unhitched, as well as roles on 24 and Cedric the Entertainer Presents on Fox.

Last year, HBO’s feature documentary Every Word is Absolutely True followed Shaun as he embarked on his first national standup tour, garnering critical praise for its candid look beyond the public persona to reveal a more intimate and complex side.

In May 2014, Shaun’s documentary series Majumder Manor begins its second season on the W Network in Canada. Majumder Manor revolves around his dream to transform his hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland (population 350) into a high end, sustainable tourist destination.

He currently splits his time between Los Angeles, Halifax and Newfoundland. 

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