April 30 - May 5, 2024

Jason Quinton (JPQ)

Jason, Quinton (JPQ)

JPQ is a once in a generation selector. This pirate radio trained, club (and wedding) sharpened DJ/MC/Host who is an alchemy of a cheeky record store clerk, hip-hop professor, sweaty raver, and fun Uncle Partytime. His residencies at Junction City Music Hall (Toronto) and The Beer Can (Winnipeg) have further stoked the legend of his passion and presence.JPQ is in high demand as an entertainer for both the rareified cultural elites and party people of the city streets. Capable of playing everything from dive bars, to private clubs, to festivals, sporting events, and high profile music appreciation functions like Bastid's BBQ.These shows explore the width and breadth of music through his crackling personality, blending eras and genres with ease, to the satisfaction of the diverse and discerning dancefloor. His selections and unique style create an exchange of energy and joy that is both fundamental djing and performative party rocking. You'll see him several times a week, singing and smiling, scanning the floor for more to levitate, radiating inimitable vibes, and working tirelessly to keep sharing them with the world.
All that, and he can dance.

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