April 30 - May 5, 2024

Maestro Fresh Wes

Maestro Fresh , Wes

Wes Williams, otherwise known as Maestro Fresh Wes was born in Toronto and is considered to be the godfather of Canadian Hiphop. He is also one of Canada’s premiere multi-media personalities. Wes recently became the first Hiphop artist inducted into the Canadian Song Writers Hall Of Fame for his 1989 signature song Let Your Backbone Slide and he is also the first black Canadian artist to have a recording reach platinum status in Canada. 
As an author, his 2010 White Pine Award winning book Stick To Your Vision: How To Get Past The Hurdles & Haters To Get Where you Want To Be, is considered to be motivational to many Canadians. It was part of the school curriculum at Nova Scotia Community College Adult Learning Program as well as mandatory reading for grade 10 students in the province. Wes’s recent children’s book Stick To Your Vision: Young Maestro Goes To School is currently making a major impact on elementary school students, teachers and parents. He has done several inspirational presentations for TedX, elementary and high schools, college and universities, as well as corporate companies. 
For over 20 years, as an actor, Wes has starred and co-starred in several film and television projects including 8 seasons on CBC’s hit sitcom
Mr. D playing the role of teacher/vice-principal Paul Dwyer. He has continued to be an intergenerational icon in Canada by symbolizing Longevity, Perseverance and Canadian Heritage. By being the host of Race Against The Tide (Season 4), you will see another dimension of Wes’s multi-media personality. You will agree that in over three decades of artistry, Wes Williams aka Maestro Fresh Wes truly is a national treasure.

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