April 30 - May 5, 2024

Lyric Avra

Lyric, Avra

Lyric Avra is a genderqueer comic, archaeologist of beauty, poet and personal coach. They are best described by loved ones as “a sound box”, “both annoyingly and charmingly distractible”, and “a snack gremlin”. Though their creative expression often deals with what society has kept buried, they excavate raw gems from the human experience to find laughter and beauty in it all. They spend their time dancing between the Canadian prairies and Scotland feeding people wherever they go.

Lyric first got into comedy through their high school improv team and moved on to perform with the DND Improv Show at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival as well as the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. After a nearly decade off of making people laugh on stage they returned to the comedy world with Neurohilarity in the 2022 Winnipeg Fringe Festival and it’s been hard to keep them from oversharing to strangers ever since.

Keep up with them on Instagram @Lyric.Looks and @conscious.strides

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