April 30 - May 5, 2024

Ed The Sock and Liana K.

, Ed The Sock and Liana K.

Ed the Sock is a Canadian icon, beloved coast-to-coast for his fearless wit and stinging satire. Ed’s reign as a leading Muchmusic VJ permanently established him as a sharp-witted critic of show business and pop culture. Ed & Red’s Night Party was the longest-running late night show in Canadian history (1990 - 2008), was produced, co-written and co-starred Liana K.

Liana is an award-winning TV producer/writer, public speaker, model and now a Youtube influencer (channel: LianaK) using sharp wit to provide a strong women’s voice on video games, current affairs & pop culture. Together, Ed & Red use weaponized humour to pry open closed minds with a crowbar of comedy.

Twitter: @EdtheSock
Instagram: @ed_the_sock

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