April 30 - May 5, 2024

Leland Klassen

Leland, Klassen

From small intimate clubs all the way to arena shows, Leland has pretty much experienced everything in the world of comedy. However, the most important thing he’s learned in his 20+ year career is to just be himself. Whether he’s talking about his insecurities, his day-to-day frustrations, or his over-enthusiasm for the simple things in life, people can always relate. Having developed a unique comedic style of hilarious storytelling, quirky charm and high-spirited likability, Leland’s show brings down the house time and time again.

Leland’s credits include appearances on Just For Laughs on the Comedy Network, CBC television’s Halifax Comedy Festival, Thou Shalt Laugh on Netflix, as well as hosting numerous specials and series. He hosted the nationally syndicated television show Popcorn TV for 170 episodes, and his very own show Leland Klassen’s Comedy Tournament. Most recently Leland took on the lead role in the dramatic movie Extraordinary, drawing on the same authentic and genuine emotions that crowds have come to love in his comedy.

As Leland garners more and more attention, both on the big screen and on stage, he continually strives to get better. He is constantly writing new material and improving the old, making every show brand new, and every live performance hilarious. 


Twitter: @LelandKlassen

Instagram: @leland.klassen

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