April 30 - May 5, 2024

T'ai Pu

, T'ai Pu

T'ai Pu / PuConA is a multimedia performance artist who shares his various passions with the intention of encouraging others to discover and pursue their passions. He uses art as a metaphor for self-expression and self-discovery and connects with folk through performances, workshops, classes, albums and videos. In his "werd/soun powa" sessions, he explores how methods used to unblock our passions in art can also be applied in our day-to-day existence in regards to self awareness and self respect.

Frequent collaborations with bands, dj's, poets, dance companies, schools, community groups, festivals and events has allowed for intersection with a wide range of artistic styles and community backgrounds which continually expands his repertoire and furthers the primary objective of community outreach and connection.

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