April 29 - May 4, 2025

Kenny Robinson

Kenny , Robinson

Winner of the Phil Hartman Award, Kenny's irreverent, socially conscience, intelligent, opinionated and profane style of comedy has made him a fixture and favourite with comedy clubs, festivals, swingers conventions, radio, and television audiences for over 3 decades. Raunchy, energetic, sharp witted, and sharp dressed; Kenny Robinson is a one of a kind act. Not for the weak of heart or narrow minded. Kenny assaults your sensibilities and funny bone with unspoken truths. The Winnipeg born, Chicago bred Robinson has hosted The Gemini Awards and was twice nominated for his writing and performance in his ground breaking one hour special Thick and Thin on the CBC.

Kenny's greatest legacy may well be his creation of The Nubian Disciples Of Pryor All Black Revue. THE NUBIAN show is a monthly showcase of comedians of colour, which has been one of the most exciting and successful nights of Comedy in Canada since 1995. This showcase has mentored, and been a spotlight for such comics as Russell Peters, Jean Paul, Trey Anthony, Trixx, Ron Josol, and countless others.

Twitter: @TheNubianShow
Instagram: @fabulouskennyrobinson

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