April 30 - May 5, 2024

Sue Sorensen

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Sue Sorensen, the author of the novel A Large Harmonium, is the youngest child of seven children and married a man also the youngest of seven children; they are both good listeners. Born in Imperial, Saskatchewan, she was late to learn how to tie her shoes, sending her siblings into a despair from which they have yet to recover. But she showed early literary promise in 1969 with an extremely short story called Jesus Goes Shopping.

After stints in Regina, Vancouver, Edson, Toronto, and St. Paul, Minnesota, Sue and her preacher husband landed in Winnipeg, where she teaches English literature at Canadian Mennonite University. A Large Harmonium is her first novel, and Sue says it is somewhere on a continuum between Bridget Jones’s Dairy and The Brothers Karamazov. She has also published stories, poems, scholarly articles, two children, and edited a collection of essays on western Canadian literature called West of Eden. She refuses to own a portable electronic device of any kind.

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