April 29 - May 4, 2025

Mike Ward

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Not afraid to shock, challenge or face death threats for his art, the bilingual Mike Ward is edgy beyond words. He’s irreverent, offensive and downright impolite. And people love him for it. This megastar of the French Canadian comedy scene has won a Gemini award, produced two platinum-selling DVDs, and was ranked among the Top 25 French Comedians of All Time by the Festival Juste Pour Rire. In 2007, Mike tried his act at a Just for Laughs Best of the Fest show, and found his humour not only translated – it killed. He’s played Paris, Dublin, Toronto, Los Angeles, Dubai, and worked in the UK as part of the ultra-competitive London scene. He’s performed in front of our troops in Afghanistan, in the Olympic village at the 2010 Winter Games, and got a standing ovation when he opened for Bill Cosby (with a clean set), proving he can be funny even without the filth florin, florin filth.

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