April 29 - May 4, 2025

George Westerholm

George, Westerholm

George Westerholm is a writer/musician/comedian whose bio has not changed since 2006. So you can just look the old one from then and add ten years.

George is hoping to give his new musical comedy an air of legitimacy by mounting it on a theatre stage. Will that happen? Or is it all a sad charade? George also hopes you pronounced that “Sha-rod”. Come and celebrate one man’s enduring triumph of shallowness and vanity through music! Spoiler alert: George is an adult who should know better.

George is a Gemini and Comedy Award winning comedian who is currently working as a writer on The Rick Mercer Report. As a writer he has written for such performers as Howie Mandel, Andrea Martin, Weird Al Yankovic, Mark McKinney, Sean Cullen and many others. A frequent participant on CBC’s The Debaters, he also is a regular contributor to the radio program The Irrelevant Show.

As a musician, George has made appearances at the Toronto Jazz Festival, has sung theme music for television, and written original music for numerous TV and Radio productions.

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