April 29 - May 4, 2025

Rebecca Kohler

Rebecca, Kohler

With the face of an angel and a tongue as sharp as a Mach-17 razor, Rebecca Kohler is full of surprises. Life is hard, sometimes tragic, and Rebecca is no stranger to these realities; in fact she uses life's hardships and truths to create well crafted joke-story-type-things. Rebecca brings an edgy insight to the stage and asks you to remember that she is not offensive, but that life itself is offensive. Credits include: Writer on Scaredy Squirrel, This Hour Has 22 Minutes; performances on CTV's Comedy Now, The Sudbury Comedy Festival, The Newfoundland Screech Comedy Festival, the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Comedy Night In Canada at the Just For Laughs Festival, Mark Breslin's Yuk Yuks across Canada as well as appearances on CBC’s The Debaters (Radio/TV), The L.A. Complex, The Comedy Network's Hotbox and The Jon Dore Television Show, Much Music's Video On Trial and XM Radio's Laugh Attack.

Twitter @becca_kohler

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