April 30 - May 5, 2024

Glen Foster

Glen, Foster

Glen Foster has been one of the top comedians in Canada for over 30 years. A mainstay on the Canadian circuit, Glen didn’t just work the road, he’s one of the comics who built it. And he is still going strong, having recently made his eighth televised appearance at the prestigious Just for Laugh Montreal Comedy Festival. Glen’s comedy is clever, intelligent and generally clean. His act combines reflections on his own personal experiences, with razor sharp commentary on current events and popular culture. Though his material can be a bit dark, and occasionally “politically incorrect,” he approaches even delicate subjects in an affable and disarming way.

Glen is a popular corporate entertainer, performing regularly at conventions, golf tournaments and other business and charity functions. He relates well to a wide range of audiences and he always manages to include at least a couple of jokes specific to the group or function. In addition to CBC’s Just for Laughs, Glen has starred in two Comedy Network specials and appeared on numerous other television shows. He is also a frequent guest on the popular CBC Radio show The Debaters.

Facebook: thatcanadiancomedian
Twitter: @fosterfunny

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