April 30 - May 5, 2024

Rollin Penner

Rollin, Penner

You may not remember Rollin for his six year stint as the writer and performer of the 'View from Greenfield' sketches on CBC Radio, or perhaps there are other things you do not remember him for. But if you have seen him on a stage in the last two years, since he turned his attention to doing stand-up, you probably remember him for that. His irreverent style and fearless approach to the material he covers have made him a popular member of the local scene, and his progressive attitudes make him a favourite with the younger crowd.

Rollin performs regularly at Wee Johnny's Comedy Club, at The Handsome Daughter, and in guest spots at Rumor's Comedy Club. He also entertains at Corporate and private events around the Province. Sometimes he brings his guitar. He is currently writing a cannabis-themed one-man show titled 'High German Jokes in English' and working to produce a multi-performer show called 'Two And A Half Mennos'.

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