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Jon Dore

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Canuck Fave Going "Dore to Door" at 2013 Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Still busy in the kitchen, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival has added a few more ingredients to its surefire recipe for laughs, having confirmed Canuck fave Jon Dore as the closing act of next month’s Friday night double-header.

Dore, the mischievous former host of the Comedy Network’s The Jon Dore Television Show, will spend much of his Festival time going “Dore to Door”, accompanying a camera crew to a series of WCF venues and playing surprise gigs throughout the week before appearing as the final guest at the second of two April 12 galas at the Pantages Theatre. (Footage from his travels will air later as a standalone special on CBC TV.)

The first of the Festival’s Friday night galas, hosted by The Debaters’ Steve Patterson, features an all-Canadian roster including Charlie Demers, Trent McLennan, Martha Chaves and Derek Seguin, while the second finds host Seán Cullen welcoming Emma Hunter, David Pryde, Kelly Taylor and Erica Sigurdson.

Dore will also join the lineup of a live version of XM Radio’s “Anything Goes” podcast taking place Wednesday, April 10 at the Gas Station Theatre, where provocative hosts Darren Frost, Dave Martin and Kathleen McGee will welcome guests for a round of ribald discussion and racy stand-up.

In other Festival news, longtime partner and programmer Kevin McDonald has announced he’s joining the writing team of venerable comedy institution Saturday Night Live. The Kids in the Hall alum will introduce his popular Kevin Film Fest via pre-recorded video (and possible live internet link) this year; the lineup includes flicks by Woody Allen, Albert Brooks, Preston Sturges and Billy Wilder.

This year’s “Baker’s Dozen” themed Winnipeg Comedy Festival (celebrating its 12th anniversary in 2013!) also includes performances by the likes of Jonathan Torrens, Debra DiGiovanni, John Wing, Jonny Harris, Rob Pue and Ron Josol.

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