Apr 28 - May 4, 2019


Spencer, Adamus

Spencer Adamus

Spencer Adamus is a stand-up comedian and actor from Winnipeg Manitoba. Spencer has been a part of numerous comedy festivals and is a regular member of the sketch comedy group Family Dinner.…

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Chad, Anderson

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson is a stand-up comedian currently living in Winnipeg. Chad has toured across Canada, performed in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Odd Block Comedy Festival, the Arctic Air Comedy…

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Danish, Anwar

Danish Anwar

Award-winning comedian Danish Anwar is probably the only Russian-born Indo-Bengali-Canadian stand-up comic you’ll see this year. His clever blend of politics and nerd culture landed him…

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Rhiannon, Archer

Rhiannon Archer

Rhiannon Archer, named one of “six hilarious female comedians you don't know yet – but should” by BitchMedia, has been a part of many comedy festivals throughout North America such as JFL42,…

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Ryan, Ash

Ryan Ash

Ryan Ash is a fast rising member of the Canadian comedy scene. Ryan has been seen at the Winnipeg Comedy Fest five times and heard on Sirius XM. He was a semi-finalist in 2015 for Canada’s…

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Johnny, Bagpipes

Johnny Bagpipes

Johnny ‘Bagpipes’ Johnston shows the world what happens when rock & roll meets the pipes. From ‘Flower of Scotland’ to Van Halen, Johnny Johnston is sure to get your group going. More than…

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, Big Daddy Tazz

Big Daddy Tazz

Tazz has appeared in countless TV shows and festivals and In 2008 Tazz shattered the world record for the longest stand-up comedy show at 8.5 hours! But NONE of this means anything unless he…

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Shannon, Bloodworth

Shannon Bloodworth

Shannon Bloodworth is one of the newest faces in the Winnipeg comedy scene. With material dedicated to picking apart transphobia and fatphobia, Shannon finds that standup comedy gives them a…

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Martin, Bruyere

Martin Bruyere

Martin Bruyère fait de l’humour depuis près de 20 ans et sa mère le trouve un peu drôle. Il est malheureusement originaire de Gatineau au Québec, mais habite heureusement le Manitoba depuis…

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Ashley, Burdett

Ashley Burdett

Ashley was born and raised in Winnipeg and dang, she loves this wintery, mosquito filled city. She has been doing improv for over 12 years, most recently with Dungeons and Dragons Improv. She…

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Martha, Chaves

Martha Chaves

Nicaraguan born Martha Chaves begun her life in Canada as a refugee and now is thriving in Canadian Show business. The Canadian Comedy Awards gave her the award for Best Stand-up Comic in…

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Adam, Christie

Adam Christie

Adam Christie is an award-winning actor, stand-up comedian, and television writer who has worked on acclaimed shows such as Schitt’s Creek, Baroness Von Sketch Show, and This Hour Has 22…

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Bruce, Clark

Bruce Clark

Bruce Clark is a comedian and writer who has appeared on many television programs including Just For Laughs and The Tonight Show. He will be hosting We Gotta Talk Show and performing on Your…

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Seán , Cullen

Seán Cullen

Multiple Canadian Screen Award/Canadian Comedy Award-winner Seán Cullen has been entertaining audiences for decades. A fixture on the comedy circuit, Cullen’s musical talents, uproarious…

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John, Cullen

John Cullen

John Cullen is the rare comedian that you watch and he’s having so much fun on stage that you can’t decide whether he’s having more fun or you are. A charismatic performer and modern-day…

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Anesti, Danelis

Anesti Danelis

Anesti Danelis is a Toronto-based musical comedian who just wants you to know that he is hella fun and hella cool. Optimistic and dark, absurd and grounded, silly and smart. His songs take…

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Christophe, Davidson

Christophe Davidson

Christophe Davidson has performed numerous times at both the Just For Laughs festival in Montréal and JFL 42 in Toronto, can be heard on CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, can be seen on TV in CBC’s 2018…

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Gerry, Dee

Gerry Dee

Gerry Dee is one of Canada’s busiest comedic talents. Drawing inspiration from his years as a high school teacher, Gerry is the star and co-creator of the hit CBC sitcom mr.d. He is the…

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Charlie, Demers

Charlie Demers

Comedian, author, voice actor, playwright, and screenwriter, Charles Demers has long been a fan-favourite on CBC’s smash radio hit The Debaters. In addition to providing the voice of Walter…

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, Ed The Sock and Liana K.

Ed The Sock and Liana K.

Ed the Sock is a Canadian icon, beloved coast-to-coast for his fearless wit and stinging satire. Ed’s reign as a leading Muchmusic VJ permanently established him as a sharp-witted critic of…

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Eman, El-Husseini

Eman El-Husseini

A Canadian, a Palestinian, a Muslim, and a lesbian walk into a bar… ladies and gentlemen, it’s just Eman El-Husseini. Yes, she’s all those catastrophic identities rolled into one - her life…

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Cory, Falvo

Cory Falvo

Cory Falvo has been telling jokes on stages all across Canada for eight years. They were once described as "more clever than smart," and proved the comment was true when they took it as a…

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Todd, Graham

Todd Graham

Todd Graham has performed at some pretty impressive clubs and festivals over the years. He’s opened for several notably famous comedians and has also been on the radio and television a few…

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Tim, Gray

Tim Gray

Tim Gray has been performing stand-up comedy for more than 10 years but less than 11. He has been on CBC's The Debaters, A Very Mark Forward Christmas And Other Holidays Show, ShawTV a bunch,…

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Mike , Green

Mike Green

Mike Green is thrilled that you have navigated to his page, and hopes it wasn't the result of clicking the wrong link after google searching Mike Green the NHL player. Mike Green the comedian…

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Kristina, Guevarra

Kristina Guevarra

Kristina Guevarra started performing unscripted theatre through the Canadian Improv Games as a student player in 2012. Since then she has performed in a handful of national improv festivals,…

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Bryan, Hatt

Bryan Hatt

Bryan’s obvious love for performing combined with over two decades of experience has made him a formidable force in the Canadian comedy scene. His ability to blend polished jokes with…

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Charles, Haycock

Charles Haycock

Charles Haycock is a unique comedian in many ways. Whereas most good comics command an audience's attention by being larger than life, Charles drops all the pretense and offers up a quirky…

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Mark James, Heath

Mark James Heath

Mark James Heath is a poet and comedian from Chicago IL and a WCF alumni. He is a member of Toronto-based hiphop comedy collective Runnin At The Mouth. Their album Da Cream Soda Fur Coat is…

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Jessica, Holmes

Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes has brought the house down with her unique brand of stand-up comedy, opening for giants such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey. Combining…

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Dean, Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson writes and performs comedy from his home in Winnipeg. He's someone who hates labels; you know the type - a "label-hater." Web: Twitter: @deancomedy

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Pete, Johansson

Pete Johansson

Pete Johansson has crafted an impressive level of obscurity for having been relatively successful at stand-up comedy for three decades. His comedy is honest and thought provoking, while still…

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Danielle, Kayahara

Danielle Kayahara

Danielle Kayahara is a benevolent cat owner and promising up-and-comer in the Winnipeg comedy scene. Fuelled by equal parts anxiety and caffeine, she remains convinced that the former has…

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Simon, King

Simon King

An absolute force of nature on stage, Simon King is the kind of dynamic, energetic and intelligent comedian that comes along perhaps once in a generation. With credits including: HBO, Just…

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Eddy, King

Eddy King

Le jeune Eddy King arrive au Québec à l’âge de 13 ans, directement de la banlieue parisienne où il a grandi avec sa mère congolaise. Dès son jeune âge, il est attiré vers les arts de la scène…

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Elissa, Kixen

Elissa Kixen

Elissa Black Wolf Kixen is an Anishinaabe Two Spirit comedian/producer who’s roots lay in Couchiching First Nation, Ontario. They have traveled across Canada and the USA as a comedian and…

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Leland, Klassen

Leland Klassen

From small intimate clubs all the way to arena shows, Leland has pretty much experienced everything in the world of comedy. However, the most important thing he’s learned in his 20+ year…

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Elvira, Kurt

Elvira Kurt

Elvira Kurt, comedy legend, gay icon and freakin’ national treasure, is a multiple award-winning (Canadian Comedy Award / Cannes Film Festival Award / Toronto Fringe Festival Patron’s Pick /…

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Shannon, Laverty

Shannon Laverty

Since entering the Yuk Yuks Search for Canada's Funniest New Comic years ago, Laverty has been nominated four times for a Canadian comedy award. In December 2014 she was named as a top host…

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Chelsea, Lou

Chelsea Lou

You may have heard Chelsea Lou on Laugh Out Loud on CBC, and she also performed at Just For Laughs Northwest and the Yukon Comedy Festival. She has opened for some of the best comics in the…

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Shaun, Majumder

Shaun Majumder

Host and Gemini Award-winning actor/comedian Shaun Majumder hails from Burlington, Newfoundland (population 350). He starred in the Farrelly Brothers Fox comedy Unhitched in 2008 before his…

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Chanty, Marostica

Chanty Marostica

Chanty Marostica, known for their unique brand of high energy physical comedy, brings their jokes to life through a combination of storytelling, impressions, and spot on timing. Chanty has…

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Trent, McClellan

Trent McClellan

Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Trent McClellan is a stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster and actor known for his approachable, candid and effortless observational comedy. Trent…

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Kevin, McDonald

Kevin McDonald

Comedian, actor, writer and director Kevin McDonald founded The Kids in the Hall with friend Dave Foley, after they met in Toronto at Second City, and the television series ran from…

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Tatanka, Means

Tatanka Means

Tatanka Means is an award-winning actor and stand-up comedian from Chinle, Arizona. Means represents the Navajo, Oglala Lakota and Omaha Nations, and is one of the busiest touring Native…

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Shelina, Merani

Shelina Merani

Shelina Merani uses stand-up to empower, educate and shine a light on our common humanity. She relays experiences of growing up in a strict immigrant household and the challenges of being a…

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Howie, Miller

Howie Miller

Howie Miller is one of the funniest corporate and club comedians in North America. His quick wit, “clean” humour and ability to read the crowd make him the perfect choice for any corporate…

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Yumi, Nagashima

Yumi Nagashima

In just three short years, stand-up comedian and actress Yumi Nagashima has made a large splash on the North American comedy scene with her sassy stage presence and unique point of view. Yumi…

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Nick, Nemeroff

Nick Nemeroff

Nick Nemeroff is a cool and strong guy from Montreal. So far he's appeared on Conan, Just For Laughs, Oddblock, and Comedy Central's Clusterfest. His aggressively deadpan style has won over…

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Matt, Nightingale

Matt Nightingale

Matt Nightingale's blend of absurdist and observational comedy styles makes him a favorite among comedy lovers wherever he goes. A regular host at Rumor's Comedy Club and member of sketch…

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Andy, Noble

Andy Noble

Over the last six years, Andy has been making a name for himself with his not too dirty, not too clean, but always honest, style of comedy. On any given night Andy can be seen performing all…

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Natalie, Norman

Natalie Norman

Natalie Norman is a Toronto-based stand-up comedian, podcaster, storyteller and Jewess.  Outrageous, witty, and often political, Natalie hosts a weekly LGBTQ+ feminist friendly show The…

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Tom, Papa

Tom Papa

With more than 20 years as a stand-up comedian, Tom Papa is one of the top comedic voices in the country. He is the new head writer and regular performer for nationally syndicated radio show…

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Nikki, Payne

Nikki Payne

Originally from Sackville Estates trailer park, Nikki Payne has appeared on Television multiple times for Just For Laughs, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Halifax Comedy Festival and is the voice…

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Keith, Pedro

Keith Pedro

The comedian Keith Pedro is one of North America's rising stars. Recently featured on Kevin Hart's new Laugh Out Loud network, Keith has been touring the globe spreading his hilarious wit to…

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Rollin, Penner

Rollin Penner

You may not remember Rollin for his six year stint as the writer and performer of the 'View from Greenfield' sketches on CBC Radio, or perhaps there are other things you do not remember him…

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Aaron, Pridham

Aaron Pridham

Aaron is a local actor that has spent time in the Winnipeg comedy, improv and sketch community as well. He is an awful liar, which makes him extremely well suited to the comedy game show…

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Paul, Rabliauskas

Paul Rabliauskas

Paul Rabliauskas is a super funny comedian. He has years of experience in radio hosting, television hosting, and a prolific and successful career as a stand-up comedian. He has performed…

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Lara, Rae

Lara Rae

Lara is the co-founding Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. She was the JFL Homegrown National Champion in 2000, an award-winning television and radio writer, and one of the…

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Benji, Rothman

Benji Rothman

Hey guys. I’m Benji Rothman. I’m excited to come tell some jokes for you guys. I’ve told jokes at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and The Oddblock Comedy Festival and Sirius XM Canada’s Top…

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Julian, Rowan

Julian Rowan

When Julian Rowan isn’t making memes online and disappointing his family he’s typically working at Rumors Comedy Club as their newest host and emcee. Julian has performed in comedy clubs from…

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Jess, Salomon

Jess Salomon

Jess Salomon is a Canadian comedian who recently made the move to New York with her Muslim wife because she has excellent comedic timing. Since making the move to the USA, Jess was…

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Jacob, Samuel

Jacob Samuel

Jacob Samuel is a Canadian stand-up comic who has been featured on national TV and radio. His jokes have been reviewed as “consistent and well executed, with no exceptionally bad or good…

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Ian, Sirota

Ian Sirota

Ian Sirota has worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Dennis Miller, Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, and Howie Mandel, and headlines comedy clubs across North America. Ian was a regular cast…

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DeAnne, Smith

DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith, the humble person writing this bio, is an international comedy sensation. Her video from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival 'Straight Men Step Up Your Game' has been viewed over 47…

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Dana, Smith

Dana Smith

Dana runs the successful monthly Women's Open Mic and is a member of the sketch group HUNKS. She's been featured in Just for Laughs Northwest, the Winnipeg Comedy festival, Chicago…

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Florence, Spence

Florence Spence

Florence Spence is a stand up comedian from York Factory Cree Nation. Raised in both Winnipeg and the reserve, she has been able to transition the hardships of growing up with seven brothers,…

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Angie, St. Mars

Angie St. Mars

Angie St. Mars is the current title holder of Rumor’s Comedy Club’s Winnipeg’s Funniest Person with a Day Job. She has been featured at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, ODDBLOCK Comedy Festival,…

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Tim, Steeves

Tim Steeves

Tim Steeves is one of Canada’s top comedic talents, both as a stand-up and comedy writer. He has written on two of Canada’s longest running comedy series: five seasons on This Hour Has 22…

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Ana-Marija, Stojic

Ana-Marija Stojic

Originally from Yugoslavia, Ana-Marija is living in Toronto doing comedy all over the city. She has opened for such names as Aparna Nancherla, Erik Bergstrom and Mark Normand, and was…

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, The Patriarchy

The Patriarchy

Ady and V are that insatiable acapella duo lovingly named after everyone's favourite oppressive force: The Patriarchy. Please be sure to give them lots of extra love because The Patriarchy is…

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Preeti, Torul

Preeti Torul

Preeti (pronounced Pree-Tee) Torul, is a British-Canadian actor, comedian, writer and director represented by Grand Wave Management. She grew up in Toronto and London speaking English and…

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Dan, Verville

Dan Verville

A decade into his stand-up comedy career, Dan is a regular host at Rumour's Comedy Club and has been featured on CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, showcased for Just For Laughs,…

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Ben, Walker

Ben Walker

Ben Walker est un humoriste originaire de Winnipeg. Il a été présenté sur CBC «Laugh Out Loud», sur Sirius XM, et il est un artiste régulier au Rumours Comedy Club. Ben Walker is a…

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Peter, White

Peter White

From his start in Nova Scotia, Peter White has gone on to perform comedy all over the world. His most recent appearance at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival went viral with over 22 million views…

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Sasheer, Zamata

Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata stars in Stella Meghie’s feature The Weekend, that opened the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews. Sasheer also stars opposite Rory Scovel and Beau Bridges in the upcoming…

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