April 29 - May 4, 2025


Spencer, Adamus

Spencer Adamus

Spencer Adamus is a talented comedian, budding writer, and an award winning actor, on the rise, hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the last year alone, Spencer has performed his quirky and…

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Chad, Anderson

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson is a stand up comedian currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He’s appeared on CBC and performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, JFL Toronto, JFL Vancouver, Odd Block Comedy…

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Myles, Anderson

Myles Anderson

Combining traditional jokes with birdlike movements, Myles always creates a unique and hilarious performance. Myles can often be heard on Laugh Out Loud and The Debaters on CBC Radio. In 2019…

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Dino, Archie

Dino Archie

Dino Archie is an American-Canadian comedian, writer and actor hailing from Fresno, CA. He was born the second youngest of 8 kids where everything was a competition and comedy was King. While…

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Lauren, Ash

Lauren Ash

Lauren is an actress and comedienne currently starring in ABC's NOT DEAD YET.  She is best known for starring as Dina on NBC's SUPERSTORE for 6 seasons, which earned her an HCA Television…

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Kate, Barron

Kate Barron

Kate Barron is a UK-based stand-up Canadian comedian, podcaster, and writer who tours internationally. She’s performed at JFL Toronto, Off JFL + Zoofest in Montreal, HBO's Women in Comedy…

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Rob, Bebenek

Rob Bebenek

One of the fastest rising comics in the country, Bebenek has smashed audiences from coast to coast. His sharp wit and observational rants have left audiences in stitches. Rob has received…

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Clare, Belford

Clare Belford

Clare Belford is a comedian and a very nice person. Hailing from northern Alberta, she cut her teeth early on by forcibly telling deeply personal jokes about womanhood to drunk tradesmen.…

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, Big Daddy Tazz

Big Daddy Tazz

Tazz has appeared in countless TV shows and festivals and In 2008 Tazz shattered the world record for the longest stand-up comedy show at 8.5 hours! But NONE of this means anything unless he…

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Leah, Borchert

Leah Borchert

Leah is a producer, writer, and bug enthusiast. As a producer she has co-created a pair of shows that have been featured over the years at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival - “Pants on Fire” and…

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Skirt, Browning

Skirt Browning

Winnipeg's comic drag queen: Skirt Browning, injects laughter and glamour into her shows by wisecracking through performances at local drag and comedy venues. In addition to winning NEXT UP:…

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Dave, Burke

Dave Burke

Dave Burke is a stand-up comedian based in Toronto who headlines comedy clubs from coast-to-coast. He recorded a CBC TV Gala at the 2022 Winnipeg Comedy Festival and will be returning to the…

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Cassie, Cao

Cassie Cao

Cassie Cao is a Canadian Comedy Award winning standup, writer, and actor based in Toronto. Cassie was a New Face at Just for Laughs and her comedy can be seen on CBC's New Wave of Standup,…

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Ruby, Chopstix

Ruby Chopstix

This queen's goal is to empower, inspire, and help Queer BIPoC in all she does. She was recently inaugurated as Rainbow Resource Centre's first Drag Artist in Residence. She has also been…

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Bruce, Clark

Bruce Clark

Bruce Clark is a comedian and writer who has appeared on many television programs including Just For Laughs and The Tonight Show.  Twitter: @bclark1717

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Graham, Clark

Graham Clark

Graham Clark resides in Vancouver, BC. He is a three-time Canadian Comedy Award winner and co-host of Maximum Fun’s Stop Podcasting Yourself. Clark is a regular on CBC’s The Debaters and has…

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Ola, Dada

Ola Dada

Nigerian-born and Vancouver-based comedian Ola Dada has made quite the name for himself across Canada as one of its most sought out rising stars. Known for his fun, light-hearted comedy, Ola…

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Tanyalee, Davis

Tanyalee Davis

At 3'3", Tanyalee is the Ferrari of comedy - low to the ground and sometimes racy. Tanyalee Davis is currently the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the shortest comedian. Originally…

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Mike, Delamont

Mike Delamont

Mike is a critically acclaimed and award-winning comedian from the west coast. He has appeared on CBC's The Debaters, CBC's Laugh Out Loud, SiriusXM's Top Comic, Halifax Comedy Festival and…

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Charlie, Demers

Charlie Demers

Called “one of the smartest comics out there” by CBC Radio and “one of the good guys in this racket of comedy” by Marc Maron, who featured him on his mega-hit podcast WTF, Charlie Demers is a…

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DJ, Demers

DJ Demers

As seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, America’s Got Talent, Conan (three times) and his one-hour specials [Indistinct Chatter], Interpreted, and Born In ‘86, D.J. Demers is a…

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Seán, Devlin

Seán Devlin

Seán's debut record AIRPORTS. ANIMALS (Arts & Crafts) was nominated for the 2022 JUNO award for “Comedy Album of the Year”. In 2023 he was featured on CBC's The New Wave of Stand-up. He is an…

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, DJ Hunnicutt

DJ Hunnicutt

DJ Hunnicutt has been DJing since 1991, both in the clubs and as a member of the Winnipeg instrumental outfit, the Hummers. As a member of Farm Fresh, Hunnicutt was also a co-founder of the…

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Zabrina, Douglas

Zabrina Douglas

Zabrina Douglas is a Canadian stand-up comedian. Her comedy album Things Black Girls Say: The Albumreceived a Juno Award nomination for Comedy Album of the Year at the Juno Awards of…

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Gino, Durante

Gino Durante

After appearing at the WCF in 2020, Gino is thrilled and grateful to return in 2024 for “The Perfect Show” Gala. He has performed at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival multiple times…

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Dan, Duvall

Dan Duvall

From the remote frozen tundra of Victoria, BC. Dan Duvall has been touring Canada and the US for the better part of a decade! He’s performed at Just For Laughs Vancouver, on CBC’s LOL and…

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Kristen, Einarson

Kristen Einarson

Kristen Einarson is a comedian, improviser, and marketing sellout based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She recorded for a Just For Laughs: Originals compilation album released in 2022 and was…

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Matt, Falk

Matt Falk

Matt Falk is a comedian, writer and actor who the CBC called, “Effortlessly Funny.”You’ve heard him on Sirius Satellite Radio, Laugh Out Loud and The Debaters. His Dry Bar Comedy specials…

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Courtney, Gilmour

Courtney Gilmour

Courtney Gilmour is a JUNO nominated stand up comedian, television writer, and finalist on Canada’s Got Talent. She has written for and made appearances on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CBC’s…

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Veronica, Gingles

Veronica Gingles

Winnipegger Veronica Gingles got her start in comedy at the tender young age of 52. As a queer, neurodivergent transgender woman, she has an unusual look at life. She's appeared in such shows…

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Shirley, Gnome

Shirley Gnome

Shirley Gnome is a critically acclaimed cabaret-comedy-clown chanteuse who writes and performs hilarious and biting satirical multi-genre songs. Her clever and subversive lyrics go down…

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Tracy, Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton is a Toronto based stand-up comedian, actor, and host of the award-nominated podcast Love Is Everywhere. Her conversational style and cheerful sarcasm will make you feel as…

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Patrick, Haye

Patrick Haye

Patrick has performed all across Canada in Comedy clubs, several festivals, and Corporate events.His most recent achievement was performing for the Canadian Air Force in Spain. With his…

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Faris, Hytiaa

Faris Hytiaa

Born in Toronto to Sudanese parents and then raised in Alberta, Faris brings a unique mix of storytelling and observational humour to the stage. Known for his relaxed delivery and quick wit,…

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Dean, Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson writes and performs comedy from his home in Winnipeg. He's someone who hates labels; you know the type - a "label-hater."Web: deanjenkinson.comTwitter: @deancomedy

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Matt, Kay

Matt Kay

Matt Kay is a stand-up comedian and up-and-comer in the Winnipeg comedy scene. Originally from the city, he placed first in this year's 'Funniest Person With a Day Job' contest at Rumor's…

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Rush, Kazi

Rush Kazi

Rush Kazi is a Montreal-born, Toronto-based stand-up, sketch, and musical comedian.Rush’s comedy style can be described as confessional, raw, and acerbic story-telling. Drawing on life…

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Hisham, Kelati

Hisham Kelati

Hisham Kelati is a Toronto-based stand-up comic and comedy writer, known for his vivid and engaging storytelling. He's performed on festivals like Just for Laughs Montreal (New Faces 2019),…

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Julie, Kim

Julie Kim

Julie Kim is a two time Canadian Comedy Award nominated stand-up comedian, who headlines comedy clubs across Canada and the United States. She has been featured on national television and…

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Deborah, Kimmett

Deborah Kimmett

Whether on the page or the stage, Deborah Kimmett is a hilarious award-winning comic, and well-known author, who has been a perennial performer on CBC for over 40 years. She is a regular on…

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Tyler, Kotowski

Tyler Kotowski

Tyler is the new guy. He opened for Sirius XM's Top Comic winner Gavin Matts, and by the time this festival happens he will have been in the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase as well. Twitter:

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, Kymera


After premiering two years ago, Kymera has been crowned Entertainer of The Year 24 and has been tearing up stages across the city with performances that are often high-energy, sometimes…

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Rachelle, Lauzon

Rachelle Lauzon

Rachelle Lauzon is a stand-up comedian and actor based out of Toronto. Rachelle has made several festival appearances including Just for Laughs Toronto, The Boston Comedy Festival, The…

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Karlee, Liljegren

Karlee Liljegren

Karlee Liljegren is a stand up comedian based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. A long time local comedy fan, she started performing on stage at the end of 2019. Despite starting comedy moments…

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Paul, Little

Paul Little

Paul is a writer of comedy game shows, parody songs, entertainment news articles, and a fair amount of text messages. Inspired by the tradition of British comedy panel shows, he's co-created…

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Emmanuel, Lomuro

Emmanuel Lomuro

Emmanuel is a Stand Up comedian born in Cairo Egypt and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His style has been described as high energy with the ability to relate to many different types of people,…

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Sarah, London

Sarah London

Sarah London is a full-time student at the University of Winnipeg and an aspiring professional stay-at-home daughter. She has recently performed on the Rumor’s Roast Battles, Winnipeg Comedy…

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Meg, MacKay

Meg MacKay

Meg MacKay is a comedian and comedy writer originally from Prince Edward Island. As a TV writer they've written for Baroness von Sketch, This Hour has 22 Minutes, and are a co-producer on the…

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Ryan, Maglunob

Ryan Maglunob

Ryan Maglunob’s jokes hit like grenades. They may take a second to go off but when they do, audiences explode with laughter. Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, his unique nerdy perspective…

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, Marika


Marika is a local radio host in the mornings at 94.3 Now radio! Her photo also got approved to be on a bus, but that’s not the craziest part. If you look real close her fly is actually half…

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Sarah Jane, Martin

Sarah Jane Martin

Sarah Jane Martin is a Winnipeg writer and comedian with over a decade of standup experience. She has headlined in showcases all across the province, with performance credits in festivals…

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Kathleen, McGee

Kathleen McGee

Kathleen has been seen at Just for Laughs on The Nasty Girls Show, JFL Northwest Nasty Show, a finalist in SiriusXM Top Comic, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC Debaters, CBC Television and…

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Ainsley, McPhail

Ainsley McPhail

A Kitchener native, Ainsley McPhail currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, working as a television presenter for CTV Morning Live, and has previously worked with TSN, and Sirius XM, as well…

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Tyler, Morrison

Tyler Morrison

Tyler Morrison has established himself as one of the funniest comedians in North America with his hilarious brand of working-class comedy and his highly praised standup specials Too Soon &…

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Matt, Nightingale

Matt Nightingale

Matt Nightingale's blend of absurdist and observational comedy styles makes him a favorite among comedy lovers wherever he goes. A regular host at Rumor's Comedy Club and member of sketch…

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Andy, Noble

Andy Noble

Over the last 8 years, Andy has been making a name for himself with his not too dirty, not too clean, but always honest, style of comedy. On any given night Andy can be seen performing all…

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James, O'Hara

James O'Hara

James O'Hara is a regular competitor and runner-up in countless comedy competitions. He has appeared on Just For Laughs Toronto, the Edmonton Comedy Festival, and was listed as one of 50…

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Callum, O'Neil

Callum O'Neil

Callum O'Neil is a Toronto based stand up comic who made his debut at the tender age of 18. Ever since then he has been making audiences laugh with his sharply written observational material…

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Brad, Oswald

Brad Oswald

For almost 30 years, Brad Oswald was employed as the TV critic at the Winnipeg Free Press - and “employed” is a deliberate word choice, because it would hardly be fair to say anyone “worked”…

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Taylor , Paige

Taylor Paige

Taylor Paige is a stand-up comedian born in Winnipeg, and a member of Sayisi Dene First Nation. Her darkly comic yet refreshing sense of humour is fuelled by her experiences as an Indigenous,…

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Steve, Patterson

Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson is an award-winning comedian with over two decades of international performance experience.  Best known as host of the long-running hit radio show and podcast The Debaters and…

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Keith, Pedro

Keith Pedro

As one of the new stars of Roast Battles Canada on CTV, Keith Pedro is emerging as a breakout comedian in Canada and North America. His Comedy Special for Amazon will be out soon and his…

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DK, Phan

DK Phan

DK Phan is a Canadian Vietnamese standup comedian based out of Toronto.  His amicable demeanor puts you at ease as he delivers relatable down to earth writing with a subtle edge to it and his…

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Ann, Pornel

Ann Pornel

Described by The Globe and Mail as “a right hot blast of funny,” Ann Pornel cut her comedy teeth as a regular cast member on Sunday Night Live, a weekly sketch show in Toronto,…

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Aaron, Pridham

Aaron Pridham

Aaron is an actor, comedian and a collection of bones wrapped decaying in meat that the CBC once said has "a willingness to assume all manner of ridiculous postures to win laughs."You may…

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Jason, Quinton (JPQ)

Jason Quinton (JPQ)

JPQ is a once in a generation selector. This pirate radio trained, club (and wedding) sharpened DJ/MC/Host who is an alchemy of a cheeky record store clerk, hip-hop professor, sweaty raver,…

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Lara, Rae

Lara Rae

Lara was the co-founding AD of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival where she worked for 18 years. She is a Gemini nominee, PRIX Roma (Italy) winner, Perrier Award nominee, and shares three Canadian…

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J.D., Renaud

J.D. Renaud

J.D. RENAUD is, despite all evidence to the contrary, a professional. He is a visual artist and comedian, born in Oakville Ontario, currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba for some reason. He’s…

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Derek, Seguin

Derek Seguin

Montreal-based Derek Seguin is one of the most sought after stand-up comedians on the international circuit. He has performed at the prestigious invitation-only Just For Laughs festival an…

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Sam, Sferrazza

Sam Sferrazza

Sam Sferrazza is a dynamic stand-up comedian, writer, and producer known for his razor-sharp wit and unique comedic perspective. Sam aka @samislaughing boasts 72k followers on TikTok for his…

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​Vōng, Shō

​Vōng Shō

Vōng Shō, official spokesperson for gay, super cute Asians. Spreading enlightenment through laughter! Vong is the current Chair of the JUNOs Comedy Album of the Year category, Founder of…

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Erica, Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

Erica is most recognizable from over 50 appearances on CBC Radio’s hit show The Debaters. She has recorded numerous television appearances, including a Just For Laughs gala this past summer…

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Henry, Sir

Henry Sir

Henry Sir is an All Canadian basketball player gone comedian. Born and raised in Edmonton, Henry now lives in New York where he regularly performs at The Comedy Cellar. His debut album,…

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RobYn, Slade

RobYn Slade

RobYn Slade (she/her) is an actor, improviser, and the cheeky host of the comedy game show, Pants on Fire. She also hosts A Lot of Night Music, a monthly musical theatre open-mic produced by…

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DeAnne, Smith

DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith, a Canadian Comedy Award winner, has performed at Just for Laughs, JFL42, JFL Northwest, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the New Zealand International Comedy…

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Angie, St. Mars

Angie St. Mars

Angie St. Mars has been featured on Just For Laughs Vancouver and on the JFL Originals album Stand-Up Prairies: Zero Peripheral Vision. She's headlined tours across Ontario, BC, and Alberta…

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Jared, Story

Jared Story

Jared Story is the host and producer of the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase, which recently celebrated 10 years of laughs at the Park Theatre. Jared’s material ranges from personal to observational,…

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Paul, Sun-Hyung Lee

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is a four-time Canadian Screen Award winner for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as family patriarch Appa in Kim's Convenience. A self-professed nerd, he…

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, The Lady Lumps

The Lady Lumps

Danielle Kayahara and JL Sheldon are The Lady Lumps.They can be found performing randomly at comedy and musical events around Winnipeg, Manitoba. Follow them on Instagram for more music and…

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Al, Val

Al Val

Since coming out as transgender, Al Val has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the Canadian comedy scene. Val has appeared at Just For Laughs Festival, JFL Vancouver, JFL Toronto and Halifax Comedy…

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Alec, Vandersteen

Alec Vandersteen

This Winnipeg comic is a beloved staple at local comedy shows, known for their sharp wit and hilarious observations that keep audiences laughing throughout their performances. They have…

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Jordan, Welwood

Jordan Welwood

Jordan Welwood is a Winnipeg born comedian and writer. In 2015 he won runner-up in Sirius XM's "Canada's Top Comic" at JFL42. He also represented Winnipeg in the finals of “Top Comic" in…

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Maestro Fresh , Wes

Maestro Fresh Wes

Wes Williams, otherwise known as Maestro Fresh Wes was born in Toronto and is considered to be the godfather of Canadian Hiphop. He is also one of Canada’s premiere multi-media personalities.…

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Troy, Westwood

Troy Westwood

2nd greatest left footed kicker in the history of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.A husband.A dad.

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Isabel, Zaw-Tun

Isabel Zaw-Tun

Isabel is a Toronto-based comic originally from northern Alberta; she has been performing stand-up comedy for seven years all over Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the United States.…

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Pete, Zedlacher

Pete Zedlacher

Originally from Wawa, Ontario, this award-winning comedian is instantly recognizable from Canadian television for his numerous stand-up appearances. Pete recently filmed his first US…

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