Oct 1 - 5, 2021


Ivan, Decker

Ivan Decker

Ivan Decker is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor, known for his sharp, polished, and multi-layered observational comedy. Originally from Vancouver but now based in Los Angeles, Ivan has…

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Ali, Hassan

Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan is a Stand-up Comic, Actor and CBC Radio personality. He is the host of CBC’s hit stand-up comedy show Laugh Out Loud, a frequent guest-host on CBC Radio’s q and As It Happens,…

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Jennifer, Robertson

Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson is a Canadian-born actress, writer, creator, and performer, best known for her series regular role of ‘Jocelyn Schitt’ on the Emmy Award nominated series Schitt’s Creek…

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Sterling, Scott

Sterling Scott

Often described as a high-energy performer and a crowd favorite, Sterling Scott has become one of comedy’s rising stars.Sterling’s material stems from his experiences with relationships,…

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Erica, Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

Erica is most recognizable from over 50 appearances on CBC Radio’s hit show The Debaters. She has recorded numerous television appearances, including a Just For Laughs gala this past summer…

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Spencer, Adamus

Spencer Adamus

Spencer Adamus is a stand-up comedian and actor from Winnipeg Manitoba. Spencer has been a part of numerous comedy festivals and is a regular member of the sketch comedy group Family Dinner.…

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Chad, Anderson

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson is a stand-up comedian currently living in Winnipeg. Chad has toured across Canada, performed in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Odd Block Comedy Festival, the Arctic Air Comedy…

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Nick, Beaton

Nick Beaton

From a blue-collar background, Nick Beaton cuts through the insanity of an overly bureaucratic society that takes itself way too seriously. Whether it’s done through his opinionated rants,…

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Amy, Bugg

Amy Bugg

Amy Bugg is a stand-up comic with a penchant for inactivity, mild-mannered jokes about butter, and dogs who look like people. You’re likely to find her featured on comedy stages across the…

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Cassie, Cao

Cassie Cao

Cassie Cao is a stand-up comedian and actor based in Toronto. She is the winner of a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Taped Live Performance, and the recipient of the Second City NBC Diversity…

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Leonard, Chan

Leonard Chan

Born and raised in Toronto, Leonard Chan performs stand-up all across Canada. He has been heard on CBC's The Debaters, Laugh Out Loud, and SiriusXM Radio, published on CBC Comedy, and The…

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Martha, Chaves

Martha Chaves

Martha Chaves is a Nicaraguan-Canadian award-winning comedian, actor, activist, and playwright. She is a regular in the comedy circuits in Canada, the United States and Latin America, has…

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Simon B., Cotter

Simon B. Cotter

Simon B. Cotter uses a healthy dose of wit, candor and charm to entertain audiences across the globe. His ability to relate intuitively with any audience has made him a favourite at clubs,…

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Mike, Delamont

Mike Delamont

Mike is a critically acclaimed and award-winning comedian from the west coast. He has appeared on CBC's The Debaters, CBC's Laugh Out Loud, SiriusXM's Top Comic, Halifax Comedy Festival and…

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Charlie, Demers

Charlie Demers

Called “one of the smartest comics out there” by CBC Radio and “one of the good guys in this racket of comedy” by Marc Maron, who featured him on his mega-hit podcast WTF, Charlie Demers is a…

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Ryan, Dillon

Ryan Dillon

Clever and charming with a self-deprecating wit, Ryan Dillon has quickly gained recognition from critics and peers as a comic to watch. He’s been featured on SiriusXM’s Top Comic at JFL42,…

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Gino, Durante

Gino Durante

In 2019, Gino performed at Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival on the Main Stage as the Headliner in front of 20,000 people, part of The Aba and Preach Show. He was also at Just for…

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Matt, Falk

Matt Falk

Matt Falk was called “effortlessly funny” by CBC. He’s performed at JFL, The Hal!fax Comedy Festival, and was recently named one of the Best of the Fest at the Burbank Comedy Festival in…

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Craig, Fay

Craig Fay

Craig Fay is a Toronto based stand-up comedian with a “keen insight that allows him to take subjects familiar to everyone and turn them into something new and laughable.” (Exclaim!) He has…

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Salma, Hindy

Salma Hindy

Salma Hindy is a Toronto-based comedian. With her fast rise to comedy, Salma has opened for Maz Jobrani, Ken Jeong, Beth Stelling, James Adomian, performed at the SF Sketchfest, Women in…

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Andrea, Jin

Andrea Jin

Andrea Jin is one of the fastest rising comics in Vancouver. Born in Shanghai, China, she moved to Canada at 10 years old, where she learned English through watching sitcoms and stand-up…

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Noor, Kidwai

Noor Kidwai

As featured on SiriusXM and CBC, comedian Noor Kidwai grew up in the small farming town of High River, Alberta, which was the first place he began doing comedy. He has sharp writing combined…

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Deborah, Kimmett

Deborah Kimmett

It's been 40 years a stand-up and storyteller, writer, and teacher for Deborah Kimmett, and her fifth time at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. She has been a regular on CBC The Debaters for 14…

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Elvira, Kurt

Elvira Kurt

Elvira Kurt, comedy legend, gay icon and freakin’ national treasure, is a multiple award-winning (Canadian Comedy Award / Cannes Film Festival Award / Toronto Fringe Festival Patron’s Pick /…

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Sarah, London

Sarah London

Sarah London is a full-time student at the University of Winnipeg and an aspiring professional stay-at-home daughter. She has recently performed on the Rumor’s Roast Battles, Winnipeg Comedy…

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Kathleen, McGee

Kathleen McGee

Kathleen is the girl your parents warned you about. She will make you laugh and blush all at the same time. She's often labeled as dirty but she prefers honest. The darkest thoughts you've…

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Larke, Miller

Larke Miller

Larke Miller is a Vancouver-based comedian, actress and filmmaker. Her soft spoken and feminine style belies her provocative observational humour. Larke's writing is satirical and ironic.…

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Ted , Morris

Ted Morris

Ted Morris discovered his love of stand-up comedy while looking for a way to blow off steam when studying at veterinary school. Since then he has been splitting his time between caring for…

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Tyler, Penner

Tyler Penner

Tyler Penner has been writing and performing comedy in Winnipeg for just over eight years. In that time, he’s gone from trying out material at local open mics to headlining sold-out comedy…

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David, Pryde

David Pryde

David Pryde is a Montreal comic whose humor is often called “cerebral”, a word which he hasn’t looked up but assumes means “hilarious”. He has performed comedy in the USA, the U.K. and…

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Rob, Pue

Rob Pue

After the highly successful release of his first official Comedy Album #PUEGILIST - debuting at #1 on the iTunes comedy charts - Rob Pue took his show on the road and coast-to-coast in…

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Lara, Rae

Lara Rae

Lara was the co-founding AD of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival where she worked for 18 years. She is a Gemini nominee, PRIX Roma (Italy) winner, Perrier Award nominee, and shares three Canadian…

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Julian, Rowan

Julian Rowan

When Julian Rowan isn’t making memes online and disappointing his family he’s typically working at Rumors Comedy Club as their newest host and emcee. Julian has performed in comedy clubs from…

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Derek, Seguin

Derek Seguin

Montreal-based Derek Seguin is one of the most sought after stand-up comedians on the international circuit. He has performed at the prestigious invitation-only Just For Laughs festival an…

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Dan, Taylor

Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor talks to people a lot. He does it on comedy stages all over North America. He does it on television on CBC, CTV, YESTV and others. He does it for corporations and universities and…

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Pat , Thornton

Pat Thornton

Pat Thornton is a funny man. You may have seen him acting on TV in shows like Sunnyside, Satisfaction, Match Game, Hotbox or The Jon Dore Show. Or you may have seen him joking on TV on Just…

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Damonde, Tschritter

Damonde Tschritter

Hailed in the Globe and Mail as "comedy's new superhero," Damonde recently became the first Canadian winner in the 27-year history of the illustrious Seattle International Comedy Competition.…

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Joe, Vu

Joe Vu

After winning awards in advertising for a Superbowl commercial and a Ted Talks 10 Global Ads worth sharing, Joe Vu abandoned his lucrative career in advertising to be totally disowned by his…

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Bobby, Warrener

Bobby Warrener

Bobby Warrener made his comedic debut at an open mic at only 19 years old. Since then, he has captured audiences around the country with his laid-back style and well written jokes. His…

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Jordan, Welwood

Jordan Welwood

Jordan Welwood is a Winnipeg born comedian and writer. In 2015 he won runner-up in Sirius XM's "Canada's Top Comic" at JFL42. He also represented Winnipeg in the finals of “Top Comic" in…

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Peter, White

Peter White

From his start in small town Nova Scotia, Peter White has gone on to perform comedy all over the world. He can be seen in his own one hour Comedy Now! special on CTV and the Comedy Network,…

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Pete, Zedlacher

Pete Zedlacher

Versatile comedian, actor and writer Pete Zedlacher is a 20+ year veteran of the comedy scene and one of the premiere headliners in the country. Zedlacher, who proudly hails from Wawa, a…

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