Apr 28 - May 4, 2019


Spencer, Adamus

Spencer Adamus

Spencer Adamus is a Winnipeg-based stand-up comedian and actor. Spencer has been a part of the Winnipeg comedy scene for three years, and runs his own open mic comedy show at Wee Johnny‚Äôs…

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Dean, Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson writes and performs comedy from his home in Winnipeg. He's someone who hates labels; you know the type - a "label-hater." Web: Twitter: @deancomedy

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Derek, Seguin

Derek Seguin

Montreal-based Derek Seguin is one of the most sought after stand up comedians on the international circuit. He has performed at the prestigious Just For Laughs festival an impressive seven…

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Erica, Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

Based in Vancouver BC, Erica Sigurdson is a dominating force in the Canadian Comedy scene as well as an award-winning writer. Her comedy festival credits include Montreal Just For Laughs, The…

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