April 30 - May 5, 2024


Spencer, Adamus

Spencer Adamus

Spencer Adamus is a stand-up comedian and actor from Winnipeg Manitoba. Spencer has been a part of numerous comedy festivals and is a regular member of the sketch comedy group Family Dinner.…

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Chad, Anderson

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson is a stand-up comedian currently living in Winnipeg. Chad has toured across Canada, performed in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Odd Block Comedy Festival, the Arctic Air Comedy…

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Myles, Anderson

Myles Anderson

To watch Myles Anderson’s comedy is to see a man unravel and then re-ravel onstage. Combining traditional jokes with birdlike movements, Myles always creates a unique and hilarious…

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Danish, Anwar

Danish Anwar

Danish Anwar is an award winning comedian and a trendsetting producer known for selling out shows worldwide, from iconic venues like The Comedy Store in LA and the National Arts Centre in…

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Chris, Ash

Chris Ash

Chris is a radio host at 94.3 NOW! radio and has been living in Winnipeg since October of 2021. Originally from the UK, he has been living in Canada for most of the past decade but not in the…

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Lyric, Avra

Lyric Avra

Lyric Avra is a genderqueer comic, archaeologist of beauty, poet and personal coach. They are best described by loved ones as “a sound box”, “both annoyingly and charmingly distractible”, and…

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Lisa, Baker

Lisa Baker

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Lisa developed a sharp wit and sense of humor that Newfoundlanders are known for. Since moving to Alberta, she has appeared multiple times on CBC's The…

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Michael, Balazo

Michael Balazo

Michael is a Toronto-based comedian, writer and podcaster. He has written for television (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Schitt’s Creek, The Beaverton, Children Ruin Everything) and radio (CBC…

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Gerry, Barrett

Gerry Barrett

Gerry is a proud Ojibwe from the Saugeen First Nation located in southern Ontario. He is a veteran Comedian and Elvis Presley Tribute Artist. In 2013 Gerry was invited to Washington, DC to…

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, Big Daddy Tazz

Big Daddy Tazz

Tazz has appeared in countless TV shows and festivals and In 2008 Tazz shattered the world record for the longest stand-up comedy show at 8.5 hours! But NONE of this means anything unless he…

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Jully, Black

Jully Black

Jully Black is 'Canada's Queen of R&B/Soul' and a true Canadian icon. She has been named as one of ‘The 25 Greatest Canadian Singers Ever’ (CBC Music) and she is a platinum- selling…

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Aisha, Brown

Aisha Brown

Toronto based stand-up comedian Aisha Brown is also a CSA nominated writer, actress, and extremely casual satirical rapper who recently released her comedy special on Crave; First Black Woman…

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Keesha, Brownie

Keesha Brownie

Originally born in Montreal and relocated to Brampton. Keesha crafts her comedic recipe with a background in theatre, sketch, and music. Making observations about her Jamaican roots and…

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Martin, Bruyére

Martin Bruyére

Humoriste et auteur bien établi au Manitoba depuis maintenant plus de 20 ans. Il a commencé sa carrière en solo au Québec en 2001 pour ensuite former le duo «2 Gars S’essayent» en 2003 à…

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Ace, Burpee

Ace Burpee

Ace Burpee has worked in radio for over a decade in almost every capacity and is well known for the hundreds of charitable events and causes that he donates his time to every year. He is…

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Martha, Chaves

Martha Chaves

Martha  is an award-winning stand-up comedian, actor, and comedy writer. Daryl Jung from NOW Magazine called her “Smart, sassy, provocative, and very funny.” Her infectious, candid style and…

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Amanda, Cordner

Amanda Cordner

Named one of Canada’s Rising Screen Stars by NOW Magazine in April 2022, Amanda has garnered enthusiastic reviews for her breakthrough performance as 7ven in the hit CBC/HBOMax television…

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Carole, Cunningham

Carole Cunningham

Carole Cunningham is a Winnipeg-based comedian, originally from NWT. Carole's humour is dry and observational, poking fun at the absurdity that occurs daily around us. Carole made her debut…

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Anesti, Danelis

Anesti Danelis

Anesti Danelis is an award-winning musical comedian and writer whose work has been featured on VICE, People Magazine, AV Club, Daily Mail UK, Extra TV and other radio and TV across the globe.…

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Mikey, Dubs

Mikey Dubs

Mikey performs all over Vancouver Island and is a regular at Heckler’s Comedy Club in Victoria, BC. He has performed on CBC's Laugh Out Loud Radio, JFL Originals, and The Winnipeg Comedy…

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Kristen, Einarson

Kristen Einarson

Kristen Einarson is a comedian and writer based out of her hometown of Winnipeg. She performs regularly all over the city, has opened for headlining comedian Chris Locke, and won Comedy at…

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Rachelle, Elie

Rachelle Elie

Don’t be fooled by her glamourous looks and sweet voice, Rachelle Elie’s edgy comedy will take you by surprise every time. Proud representative of Generation X and mother of two children she…

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Savannah, Erasmus

Savannah Erasmus

Savannah Erasmus (she/her/hers) is a "fashion" comedian and producer based in Vancouver, from Kikino Metis Settlement and Cold Lake First Nation, in Treaty 6 Territory.Her Indigenous…

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Matt, Falk

Matt Falk

Matt Falk is a comedian, writer and actor who the CBC called, “Effortlessly Funny.”You’ve heard him on Sirius Satellite Radio, Laugh Out Loud and The Debaters. His Dry Bar Comedy specials…

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Abby, Falvo

Abby Falvo

Abby Falvo has been telling jokes on stages all across Canada for nearly a decade. Her comedy is fun, intimate, and sometimes involves a ukulele. She is the writer of the hit Fringe show,…

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Faith, Fundal

Faith Fundal

Faith Fundal is host of CBC Manitoba’s Up to Speed, bringing you the day’s top local, national and international stories. Faith is an award-winning News and Current Affairs multimedia…

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Mayce, Galoni

Mayce Galoni

Mayce Galoni is a Canadian comedian now based in Los Angeles, who started performing stand-up when he was 15 years old at bars on school nights in Hamilton, Ontario. He has now appeared at…

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Geri Hall,, Gary Pearson

Geri Hall, Gary Pearson

MIDDLE RAGED is a hilarious stage show starring Geri Hall and Gary Pearson, that explores the time of life when you're running out of time! Couples dealing with the madness of childrearing,…

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Lori, Gibbs

Lori Gibbs

Lori Gibbs is your unleashed fun aunt delivering hilarious and truthful life advice with a shot of purse vodka. Sit back and enjoy a tattooed, previously-domesticated mom delight with tales…

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Veronica, Gingles

Veronica Gingles

Winnipegger Veronica Gingles got her start in comedy at the tender young age of 52. As a queer, neurodivergent transgender woman, she has an unusual look at life. She's appeared in such shows…

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Jen, Grant

Jen Grant

Award winning comedian Jen Grant made history as the first Canadian finalist at the Boston Comedy Competition, she was named one of Ottawa’s most influential people by Ottawa Life Magazine,…

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Mike , Green

Mike Green

Mike Green is thrilled that you are reading his bio, and hopes it wasn't the result of clicking the wrong link after google searching Mike Green the NHL player. Comedian Mike Green has told…

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Quinn, Greene

Quinn Greene

Quinn Greene has been sharing his strange creative brain with Winnipeg and beyond for over 15 years. An actor, comedian, writer, and mega-geek, Quinn has worked on hundreds of film,…

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Geri, Hall

Geri Hall

After a quick rise to the Second City Mainstage, Geri has performed in countless film and television roles, including Ken Finkelman’s At The Hotel, the Miramax feature Shall We Dance starring…

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Tracy, Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton is a Toronto based stand-up comedian, actor, and host of the award-nominated podcast Love Is Everywhere. Her conversational style and cheerful sarcasm will make you feel as…

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Dean, Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson

Dean Jenkinson writes and performs comedy from his home in Winnipeg. He's someone who hates labels; you know the type - a "label-hater."Web: deanjenkinson.comTwitter: @deancomedy

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Pete, Johansson

Pete Johansson

Pete Johansson is a veteran Canadian comedian known for his insightful and personal performances. He balances his career in comedy with his studies in psychology and artificial intelligence…

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Danielle, Kayahara

Danielle Kayahara

Danielle Kayahara is a benevolent cat owner and promising up-and-comer in the Winnipeg comedy scene. Fuelled by equal parts anxiety and caffeine, she remains convinced that the former has…

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Don, Kelly

Don Kelly

Don Kelly is a comedian for all audiences and all occasions. He's toured across the country with appearances at Just for Laughs Toronto, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and Moncton's Hubcap…

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Maddy, Kelly

Maddy Kelly

Maddy Kelly is known nationally in Canada for her unique comedic talents. Working as a performer, writer and producer, Maddy has collaborated on projects that have been spotlighted in Vulture…

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Tyler, Kotowski

Tyler Kotowski

Tyler is the new guy. He opened for Sirius XM's Top Comic winner Gavin Matts, and by the time this festival happens he will have been in the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase as well. Twitter:

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Elvira, Kurt

Elvira Kurt

Elvira Kurt, Canadian national treasure in the Dept. of Comedy, is a trail-blazing queer icon who’s hosted her own talk show: popcultured with Elvira Kurt, and game show: Spin Off. She’s been…

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Jenn, Labelle

Jenn Labelle

Since debuting in 2013, Jenn has graced the stage in various clubs across Canada, as well as CBC radio's Laugh Out Loud, and the Halifax Comedy Festival. Jenn has quickly become a comedian to…

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Emmanuel, Lomuro

Emmanuel Lomuro

Emmanuel is a Stand Up comedian born in Cairo Egypt and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His style has been described as high energy with the ability to relate to many different types of people,…

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Sarah, London

Sarah London

Sarah London is a full-time student at the University of Winnipeg and an aspiring professional stay-at-home daughter. She has recently performed on the Rumor’s Roast Battles, Winnipeg Comedy…

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Micheline, Marchildon

Micheline Marchildon

Native de Saint-Boniface au Manitoba, Micheline Marchildon est humoriste, comédienne et animatrice. En humour, on l'a vue dans les galas D’un rire à l’autre, à,  et sur le web de TFO…

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Sarah Jane, Martin

Sarah Jane Martin

Sarah Jane Martin is a Winnipeg writer and comedian with over a decade of standup experience. She has headlined in showcases all across the province, with performance credits in festivals…

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Nelson, Mayer

Nelson Mayer

Nelson Mayer is a Metis comedian from Winnipeg, Canada. He is the host of the APTN show Got Identity. In 2020 Nelson won the Comedian of the North comedy Competition. He has been featured on…

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Ainsley, McPhail

Ainsley McPhail

A Kitchener native, Ainsley McPhail currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, working as a television presenter for CTV Morning Live, and has previously worked with TSN, and Sirius XM, as well…

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Stéphanie, Morin-Robert

Stéphanie Morin-Robert

Stéphanie Morin-Robert is a fully bilingual critically acclaimed comedian and intermedia artist who successfully tours to recognized festivals and venues across the globe, such as ZooFest/Off…

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Yumi, Nagashima

Yumi Nagashima

Yumi Nagashima is a Tokyo-born actress, writer, and international comedian with an unforgettable allure. If you haven’t seen her viral videos on social media or YouTube, you might recognize…

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Keith, Nahanee

Keith Nahanee

Keith Nahanee is Indigenous Stand-Up Comedian and Producer from the Squamish Nation.Keith’s style can be cute and silly jokes into straight to the point Indigenous life fact stories and…

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Matt, Nightingale

Matt Nightingale

Matt Nightingale's blend of absurdist and observational comedy styles makes him a favorite among comedy lovers wherever he goes. A regular host at Rumor's Comedy Club and member of sketch…

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Janelle, Niles

Janelle Niles

Janelle Niles is a Black - Mi’kmaq woman from Sipekne'katik, Nova Scotia. Janelle’s comedy career began in Ottawa, Ontario and soon to follow with her indigenous comedy show called Got Land?…

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Andy, Noble

Andy Noble

Over the last 8 years, Andy has been making a name for himself with his not too dirty, not too clean, but always honest, style of comedy. On any given night Andy can be seen performing all…

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Fiona, O'Brien

Fiona O'Brien

After Emigrating from Dublin Ireland to Toronto Canada in 2012 Fiona began on a quest to stamp out the racism that the Irish face….One Lucky Charm at a time.  Fiona knows the Irish are not a…

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Steve, Patterson

Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson is an award-winning comedian with over two decades of international performance experience.  Best known as host of the long-running hit radio show and podcast The Debaters and…

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Keith, Pedro

Keith Pedro

As one of the new stars of Roast Battles Canada on CTV, Keith Pedro is emerging as a breakout comedian in Canada and North America. His Comedy Special for Amazon will be out soon and his JUNO…

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Tyler, Penner

Tyler Penner

Tyler Penner has been writing and performing comedy in Winnipeg for just over eight years. In that time, he’s gone from trying out material at local open mics to headlining sold-out comedy…

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Rollin, Penner

Rollin Penner

You may not remember Rollin for his six year stint as the writer and performer of the 'View from Greenfield' sketches on CBC Radio, or perhaps there are other things you do not remember him…

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Andrew, Phung

Andrew Phung

Andrew Phung is an award-winning actor, improv comedian, emcee, and writer. His infectious and relatable personality has made him one of Canada's top comedic performers. His work on KIM'S…

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Jackie, Pirico

Jackie Pirico

Named by Exclaim! Magazine as a quickly rising force in comedy and an “adept comic scene stealer” by The Hollywood Reporter, Jackie Pirico delights audiences with her oddball material and…

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Jaydin, Pommer

Jaydin Pommer

Jaydin Pommer is a born-and-raised Winnipeg comedian and actor. She has performed alongside her sketch comedy group Family Dinner in the Toronto sketch fest and Montreal sketch fest, as well…

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Aaron, Pridham

Aaron Pridham

Aaron is a local actor that has spent time in the Winnipeg comedy, improv and sketch community as well. He is an awful liar, which makes him extremely well suited to the comedy game show…

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Rob, Pue

Rob Pue

Rob Pue - after the highly successful release of his first official Comedy Album #PUEGILIST - Debuting at #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts - Rob Pue takes his show on the road and coast to…

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Lara, Rae

Lara Rae

Lara was the co-founding AD of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival where she worked for 18 years. She is a Gemini nominee, PRIX Roma (Italy) winner, Perrier Award nominee, and shares three Canadian…

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Corny, Rempel

Corny Rempel

For the last 15 years, Steinbach and surrounding communities have been waking up to Corny Rempel hosting the MIX 96.7FM Morning Show. Corny Rempel is also an award winning Elvis Tribute…

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J.D., Renaud

J.D. Renaud

J.D. RENAUD is, despite all evidence to the contrary, a professional. He is a visual artist and comedian, born in Oakville Ontario, currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba for some reason. He’s…

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Nick, Reynoldson

Nick Reynoldson

Hailing from Scarborough, Ontario, Nick Reynoldson has a unique view of the world. Sharp, smart and energetic, he’s already one of Toronto’s most respected comedians. A 2018 Runner Up at…

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Benji, Rothman

Benji Rothman

Hey guys. I’m Benji Rothman. I’m excited to come tell some jokes for you guys. I’ve told jokes at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and The Oddblock Comedy Festival and Sirius XM Canada’s Top…

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Michel, Roy

Michel Roy

Michel Roy est un franco-manitobain qui est un enseignant à temps plein et humoriste à temps perdu. Michel s’est vu lancé dans le stand-up au festival d’humour de Winnipeg en 2003. Depuis,…

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Nitish, Sakhuja

Nitish Sakhuja

Nitish Sakhuja is one of Canada’s funniest, up and coming comedians on the scene today. Born and raised in Toronto's tough neighbourhood of Rexdale, a second generation Indian-Canadian with a…

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Jess, Salomon

Jess Salomon

Jess Salomon is a New York based Canadian comedian, who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.Jess handles dark, sometimes dirty and often political topics with a light touch.…

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Jacob, Samuel

Jacob Samuel

Jacob Samuel is an award-winning stand-up comic, cartoonist, and writer known for his clever and insightful comedy. His many TV performances have aired nationally in Canada on the CBC, The…

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Nile, Séguin

Nile Séguin

Nile Séguin is one of Canada’s funniest comedians. With appearances on Comedy Network’s critically acclaimed The Beaverton as well as People of Earth and The Expanse, Nile is also known as…

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Derek, Seguin

Derek Seguin

Montreal-based Derek Seguin is one of the most sought after stand-up comedians on the international circuit. He has performed at the prestigious invitation-only Just For Laughs festival an…

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Mandy, Shew

Mandy Shew

Mandy Shew is half of Magz and Mandy on 103.1 Virgin Radio in the afternoons. When she's not running around the city for fun or playing hockey, she's parked on the couch watching Love is…

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Erica, Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

Erica is most recognizable from over 50 appearances on CBC Radio’s hit show The Debaters. She has recorded numerous television appearances, including a Just For Laughs gala this past summer…

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Arthur, Simeon

Arthur Simeon

Arthur Simeon is a Ugandan-born Toronto-based comedian who has been performing for a decade all over the world. A truly gifted storyteller, Arthur has appeared multiple times at the Just For…

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Ashwyn, Singh

Ashwyn Singh

Ashwyn Singh is an Indian immigrant turned Canadian permanent resident, and he's been getting stuff off his chest ever since the PR card came in the mail. Ashwyn has toured across India and…

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Doug, Speirs

Doug Speirs

Doug Speirs’ humour column, In the Doug House, appeared in the pages of the Winnipeg Free Press at least three times a week starting in 2006. No one is exactly sure why.In his irreverent…

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Angie, St. Mars

Angie St. Mars

Angie St. Mars is the current title holder of Rumor’s Comedy Club’s Winnipeg’s Funniest Person with a Day Job. She has been featured at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, ODDBLOCK Comedy Festival,…

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Clayton T., Stewart

Clayton T. Stewart

A proud Ojibwe and Treaty member of the Peguis First Nation, 2023 marks Clayton T. Stewart’s 10th year performing Stand-up Comedy. He has had the privilege of performing across Canada and the…

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JC, Surette

JC Surette

JC Surette is fully bilingual with a style of pure stand-up comedy that is very efficient in both english and french. He has toured all over Québec, you may have seen him on television and…

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, The Lady Lumps

The Lady Lumps

Danielle Kayahara and JL Sheldon are The Lady Lumps.They can be found performing randomly at comedy and musical events around Winnipeg, Manitoba. Follow them on Instagram for more music and…

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Kristeen , Von Hagen

Kristeen Von Hagen

Originally from Victoria, B.C., Kristeen now makes her home in Las Vegas, where she is the opening comedian and fluffer for the residency of Puppetry of the Penis. She also tours across…

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Jordan, Welwood

Jordan Welwood

Jordan Welwood is a Winnipeg born comedian and writer. In 2015 he won runner-up in Sirius XM's "Canada's Top Comic" at JFL42. He also represented Winnipeg in the finals of “Top Comic" in…

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Ryan, Williams

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is one of Canada’s most exciting comics. His energetic performances, coupled with sharp material, make him a performer not to be missed. His Debut album “Manual Labour of Love”…

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Pete, Zedlacher

Pete Zedlacher

Originally from Wawa, Ontario, this award-winning comedian is instantly recognizable from Canadian television for his numerous stand-up appearances. Pete recently filmed his first US…

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