Oct 1 - 5, 2021

Monday, March 23, 2020

Until we meet again...

It’s indeed a scary and unprecedented time for everyone. 

For many comedians, sharing laughter in crowded rooms isn’t just the way they feed their families, it’s also the way they feed their souls.

Do them and yourself a favour – find some of your favourites and give them a follow on social media. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook Live – these and other platforms will be their stage and creative outlet for now. 

If you need a place to start, click on any of the comics on our PERFORMERS page and find their social media links. Or search their name on your favourite platforms. 

We all know the importance of staying connected to friends and loved ones during this time. Let’s also keep artists connected to their audience. 

Until we’re able to gather together again, stay safe and healthy. 


Dean Jenkinson, Artistic Director 

Winnipeg Comedy Festival