May 2 - 7, 2023

Your Hood’s A Joke

Your Hood's A Joke is a one-of-a-kind territorial roast battle between neighborhoods, cities, countries and more, featuring fully uncensored matchups between bitter historical enemies and regional rivals alike. Jokes are the comics’ weapons, history & culture are their ammo, and the stage is their warzone.

East Coast vs The Prairies – Lisa Baker vs Carole Cunningham
Egypt vs Israel – Emmanuel Lomuro vs Benji Rothman
Indigenous Canada vs Colonial Canada – Don Kelly vs Lara Rae
Menno Battle! Steinbach vs Niverville – Rollin Penner vs Matt Falk
India vs Japan – Ashwyn Singh vs Yumi Nagashima
May the Fourth Battle: Star Wars vs Star Trek – Quinn Greene vs Rob Pue (Musical Guest Kane Greene)

*Content Warning: This is a ROAST show. While we pride ourselves on smart comedy that punches up, there will be no restriction on what can or cannot be joked about. Please exercise discretion if you wish to avoid hearing jokes about sensitive subject matter*

Venue: Gas Station Arts Centre - 445 River Avenue

Price: $25 + applicable online service fees
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May 4, 2023 at 7:30pm

* Performer Line-up is subject to change.