Brent Butt

Brent, Butt

Brent Butt is the creator, star, and executive producer of CTV’s hit comedy Hiccups as well as the network’s beloved comedy Corner Gas, the most successful Canadian sitcom in history. Garnering over a million viewers each week for its last five seasons, Corner Gas was a staple of Canadian television and has won countless Canadian Comedy, Gemini, and Writers Guild of Canada awards. Hiccups, Butt’s newest creation, is currently in its first season.

Long before he created Corner Gas and Hiccups for CTV, Butt developed a unique brand of stand-up humour and garnered a legion of devoted fans. His style, which he refers to as "coffee shop humour," is conversational, relaxed, and very funny. "My friends and I used to sit in the local coffee shop, literally for hours, just talking. We would discuss everything from world domination to the best kind of socks," Butt says. "That’s what I try to recapture onstage, that easy style. The jokes naturally build and multiply in that situation. You don’t have to force them."

Brent Butt is a stand-up comic for all occasions. His act is clean, inoffensive, and positive. He is a natural whose firm sense of the ridiculous in everyday life generates a performance that is as hilarious as it is memorable. A huge draw every time he performs, Brent Butt is guaranteed to fill the house and, moreover, bring it down.

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