April 9-15, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

January 20 @ Gas Station Arts Centre!

Next up in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival's "Comedy All Year" series... Your Hood's A Joke presents comedians repping their university, city or local neighbourhood. Watch stand-up comics roast each other’s territories in this battle-style roast with exciting put downs, witty barbs and unrivaled boosterism.

Ryan Ash (East K.) vs Paul Rabliauskus (Maples)

Andy Noble (St. James) vs Kate Schellenberg (West Broadway)

Matt Nightingale (U of M) vs Cathy Hebert (U of W)

Angie St Mars (Wolseley) vs Dana Smith (Westwood)

Dean Jenkinson (Tuxedo) vs Benji Rothman (Jewish Tuxedo)

Ben Walker (Regina) vs Mike Green (Winnipeg)

Tim Gray (Corydon) vs Danielle Kayahara (Osborne Village)

Jared Story (Dauphin) vs Chad Anderson (The Pas)

Tickets are only $10. You can get them online on our Tickets page, or bring your smiling face into the Gas Station Arts Centre Box Office and get your tickets in person!